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A question for the experts (baby loss mentioned)

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I usually hang out in the pregnancy loss forum as we lost our son in October in the second trimester. I am kind of on a wing and a prayer here as my husband is leaving next month for a year (military). This is my second cycle since the loss.

My chart is in my signature. I am on day four of positive OPKs, but I am using Answers which I now hear have caused issues for some people? I threw away my other tests, but here are photos of the last two (from today and yesterday, respectively):

I suspect I may have ovulated on day 20? My husband is tired and I am being obsessive. I would be really, really grateful for any opinions. And feel free to tell me to stop peeing on sticks. It's an addiction.
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I can't answer for the OPK's... but want to say I sympathize with the leaving for a year, mine's leaving for a year in February so if this was our lucky time... he wont be home for any of it.

If not... we cant try again til 2010
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My husband is USMC too. Are you at Camp Lejeune? I wonder if they are on the same stupid deployment cycle.
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Haha indeed my man is a LeJeuner... I've only been out there once... because of having 2 kids and divorcing their father before meeting him I'm sorta stuck where I am...

My hunny ships out February 2nd... his older brother not long after that (he's stationed in Yuma as an mp)
With the OPK tests the results strip needs to be as dark or darker than the test strip. It looks lighter. But OPK tests can be very frustrating to use. I think charting is the way to go.
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