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a question for you bookworms...

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After coming across many mentions of "The Garden of Eating" (most recently in the "EFLF or Real Food" thread) I've looked into it and am very interested. I think I could really stand to focus on getting some more veggies into my life! My (fairly large) library system doesn't have it. I looked on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc. Nobody seems to have new copies available, and used copies start at about $75!!! The authors' web site sells copies for about $45 by the time you add shipping.

So, my questions are:
1) Is this book available ANYWHERE for cheap(er)?!?
2) Is this book out of print because they're getting ready to put out another edition with lots of fabulous updates? I do not want to spend this kind of cash on a book if a newer, better version will be available in a few months!

Thanks for any input/ insight!
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Thanks for looking, mamadelbosque.

That's the site that ends up being $45. Their cheapest shipping is $10 for media mail.
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