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a question regarding ovulation

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I have a question that perhaps someone can help me with...
I'm just not completely understanding how all this goes lol

Follicles were found Sunday....I had an HCG injection Sunday and then had the IUI about 24 hours later.
I've been temping and doing OPKs... And today I finally got a positive OPK (though there is a slight possibility that it could have been positive yesterday...I really couldn't tell for sure! lol) . My temp has not made a noticeable shift yet.

So... I know that the HCG triggers ovulation.... I assume, then, that it can take a day or two or so to happen? Is that right?

And the point of doing the IUI the next day is to make sure that ovulation is not missed and they're relying on the hope that dh's sperm will live a few days until ovulation? Is that how this works?

I was starting to panic b/c I haven't noticed any ovulation indicators until today....

Questions, many questions....
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see..I just read that washed sperm do not live as long as sperm straight from ejaculation.... ::sigh::
Although I'm no expert on this (since I'm only starting my first IVF), I have read a lot of books and have been charting temps for 2 years
. I don't know how long the washed sperm lives but as far as ovulation goes you seem to have the right timing. You'll probably see the temperature shift tomorrow which means you already o'd. The OPK tells you before you're going to o. So, imo
: , if you had the IUI on Monday(???) it still looks good. Good luck!
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I just happened to run across this on Fertility Friend, I think it might be the info you are looking for (bold added for emphasis)

I had an HCG trigger a few days ago, but my chart is not showing ovulation where my doctor told me it would happen. I'm afraid my IUI was poorly timed. Help!

Don't worry! Once your cycle is being triggered medically, your chart is no longer your best way to detect ovulation. The HCG trigger can affect the chart. Your doctor can tell you exactly when you ovulated based on the trigger. Use the manual override feature to enter ovulation where your doctor indicates.

I hope that helps ! Good Luck to you !
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oceanmommy--- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was starting to get upset! lol
Ovulation generally happens at 36 hours post-HCG trigger. They wanted those swimmers ready and waiting for the egg to show up!

Good luck!!!
thanks, everyone, for your input..... it just seems that every step of the way, what was previously valid becomes invalid with the addition of another intervention....or does that even make sense?

I've learned SO much lately!
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