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I bought some DSQ unbleached CPFs back in, oh, say May... I think. Well, about 2 or three of them have,
shredded! I don't know why. Dh has some kind of theory that if I wash them with's all convoluted so I'll spare you the details.... I think my washing machine got hungry and just ate them. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did you find out what it was? How'd you fix it? I cried when I found the first one eaten alive.... I guess I'm a bit attached
to my dipes.

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If you overstuff a laundry load (and with cpfs, that doesn't take much), one or two can get caught under the agitator and it will literally put tears in them. Once the tears are there . . . they can easily shred further. So, if they were in with a load of towels, when the towels get wet, they will be heavier, pushing the cpfs to the bottom. Just an idea.

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Hi Lisa!

So sorry about your poor CPFs! What a huge bummer! Heather's towel idea makes sense to me. Give the survivors a big hug and don't put them in the wash with those mean old towels again! :LOL

your kids' names!
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