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Insurance for military members and their families is provided by Tricare. Dealing with Tricare is a pain, but no more so than dealing with most other insurance providers. Under 1996 legislation, military insurance, formerly CHAMPUS, must provide coverage in line with what is the norm in the civilian world. It is your right to have your baby at home and it is your right to have your birth attended by a midwife, albeit a CNM, if midwifery is legal in your state.

'm in the process of planning for a homebirth that will paid for in part by Tricare. You first have to find out if there are any in-network CNM's in your area. If there are not, then find CNM's that do homebirth and ask if they would be willing to bill Tricare. I'm in a situation where there are no in-network providers, so I can choose whomever I want. All of the ones I have spoken to have said that they are willing to bill Tricare, but I still have to pay their full fee upfront.

Tricare's reimbursement rate for midwives is shameful. Here it is only $900, and the average cost is about $3500. You will probably end up paying some out-of-pocket. If you are transferred to the hospital, though, all of that would be covered 100%, if you are Prime.

I'm finding it to be a pain in the butt. Start researching the midwives in your area before you get pregnant. Go to your local Tricare Service Center and talk to them. If you call the 1-800 number you will get a different answer every time you call. The local office will be more familiar with the local providers.
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