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This thread has been removed from the boards. I am very sorry, but you absolutely MAY NOT post private emails. This includes emails from corporations. I'm going to be in contact with the admins about "form letter" type emails that are sent to many people, but as it stands, if you email someone and get a reply, you MAY NOT post it without the express permission of the author. This is a public board under public scrutiny, and posting private emails presents some very real legal issues.

Please refrain from posting:

* Private emails and Private Messages (PMs)
* Messages from other discussion boards
* Articles without permission to reproduce

You may post:

* A link directing readers to a discussion or article
100 words or less from an article as long as those 100 words are not a substantial part of the piece. If you are quoting from a short work such as a poem or a short article then 100 words may not be an acceptable fair use allowance. You should restrict yourself to a minimal quote from the piece. Anything more requires permission to print/reproduce in writing from the copyright holder and placed within your post.
* Any posts that do not adhere to these guidelines will be deleted by the moderator or administrator.
Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

Hope you all had a fabulous time at your nurse-ins. I know we did.
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