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hello. i've only posted a couple things before, but i though that this might be a good place to throw out an idea/thoughts that i had to get some feed back...

i am, first and always a mom. i love my dd very very much, and have really felt the joys and challenges of guiding her through the first year of her life...

i am, second a partner to my dh- who continues to challenge oppression, violence and gender roles right along side me.

i am, third, (though it is my passion) a domestic violence advocate- though most of my work is actually in prevention in the schools around dating abuse/media literacy and gender violence.

knowing all of that-- i have this buring desire to collect stories from mothers- mothers from all of the world- stories of joy, saddness, fear, anger, love, passion, being a working mom, being a stay at home mom, etc. I have learned so much from other moms. Sometimes it's been easy to connect and sometimes it's been harder, but in the end-- it's apparent that all of our stories are so valuable- so much can be learned from each other. I also believe that mothers get the short end of the stick all too often and i feel that by compiling their words (into hopefully a book!!) others can share in their lives and begin to understand the complexities of being a mom...

so, long request short-- would you be interested in sharing stories (confidentially) to contribute to a book-vision to celebrate motherhood in all it's ups and downs? I have a very simple outline for this project, but really anything you have to share would be wonderful and I am also interested in suggestions for topic ideas (though i would like to keep them broad).

please reply either through this thread, PM or email. (for any questions, too!)

in peace,
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