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Yesterday there were two dogs running in and out of traffic on a busy street. I checked for collars and tags and didn't see any. Both dogs were well fed and healthy looking. I planned to put both of them in the car and drive around the nearby neighborhoods and see if anyone recognized the dogs.

One was a red or chocolate pit bull puppy and one was a little mini-pin looking dog. The pit bull was very friendly and she came right to me, but the other dog wouldn't get very close. Two other people stopped to help, but none of us could get the little one to come to us.

Since I couldn't get the little one in my car, I couldn't decide if I should just take the pit and leave the little one by himself, or if I should leave them both because the little one had a better chance at being rescued if he was with the friendly pit (because she would come to people and he wouldn't leave her.) While I was trying to decide, they both ran behind a fence into a construction site.
But at least they weren't by the street any more.

My question is, what do you do if there is more than one dog loose but you can't get both of them?
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