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this could be added on to so many of the ongoing thread, so I'm sorry but I'm gonna start a new one...

I've been one of the mamas who talks about the INTENSITY of my 3 year old's nursing, especially in the last few months. It's not just nursing, either, it's heavy heavy heavy duty NEEDING me. Exhausting. Clearly real NEEDS (fears, anxieties, etc.) and I've really sucked myself dry being there for her (my husband is an incredible partner, but it has been a MOMMY time).

Well, tonight, after a very brief discussion this afternoon (didn't realize the conversation even MATTERED to her, since I brought it up and it was so short) about sleeping in her own bed... Maya announced she was going to sleep in her own bed tonight. She even wanted to "go to sleep without nahnah." She stayed up there, "sleeping" (really resting) for almost five minutes. Then called to nurse, but was out into deep sleep in a matter of minutes (10? 20?).

WHOA! I didn't expect this!

I told her today that if she slept in her big bed and wanted to nurse in the middle of the night she'd just need to come into our room/bed to do it. I guess this was what she needed? Previously I had said she could sleep in her own bed when she didn't need to nurse at night because there was NO WAY (I said it nicely to her!) I was going to get up in the middle of the night to go to her, and I want to sleep with my husband, so...

Anyway, as we know, each step forward often has many back and sideways and upside down that follow, but, if she actually DOES sleep in her own bed for even part of the night even just tonight that most assuredly (sp?!?!) means it'll be one the best night's sleep I've had in three years. ;-)


The last time she wanted to sleep in her own bed, I totally supported it but when I left her there I went downstairs and BAWLED MY EYES OUT (quietly).

Now we're both ready? Maybe?

I feel happy about it, when before I felt devestated and didn't believe at ALL she was really ready for it. I was totally confused.

Anyway, this is more about sleep but only people who are letting their child guide the weaning process would really understand how huge this is for me.



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I remember the feeling!! Ds decided to start sleeping in his own room nearly six months ago. The first three or four nights I did not like it one bit. And his doing that eliminated one of our last remaining daily nursing sessions. But I was really fascinated to have been able to see it happen & proud to know it happened on his terms.

Sounds like you are both ready for whatever the next phase brings!
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