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There are certain things in my house that need to be done, daily, weekly, twice monthly or monthly. I am always having a hard time with getting the work done when it needs to be done, and usually it all builds up until everything gets pretty bad. We are good with basic tidiness, but dust and dirt really slips through the cracks. Our home is only two years old and I really want to maintain that "new" look. The other day when I was filling a box with items to donate, I came across a 2007 Calendar that we were not using and came up with an idea. I cut it apart so that I can tape the current month up inside the kitchen cabinet door. On each day, I filled in the chores that need to be done. After I finish a job I highlight it. It's kind of like getting a sticker, because it highlights your accomplishments. I have three highlighter colors, green for on time, pink for late, purple for early. Eventually, my goal will be to only see green and purple on the calendar. You can do this with a calendar printed off the internet as well.<br><br>
Here is my master list:<br><br>
Every day except Sundays: exercise.<br><br>
Sundays- a day off because I basically spend the entire day at Church and with friends<br><br>
All Mondays- Laundry (sort, wash, dry, fold, iron, put away)<br>
Every second Monday- Water Plants, Weed Flower Beds<br><br>
Tuesdays- first one is blinds and light fixtures/fans, then ironing, then clean cupboards and cupboard doors, then ironing.<br><br>
Wednesdays- a day off because I spend this day out of the home at a friends house. I still walk though.<br><br>
Thursdays- first one is clean out and vacuum car, then clean microwave and stovetop, then clean refrigerator, then dust and vacuum all rooms.<br><br>
All Fridays- Clean bathrooms, empty all garbage bins.<br><br>
Saturdays- usually spent out of the home with friends, so I don't list anything.<br><br>
I would add grocery shopping and errands as well on one of the days each week, but we actually go on a large shopping trip twice a month as a couple. It varies as to which day it is because of my husbands work schedule.<br><br>
What do you think? Am I nuts? It has really helped me to get organized lately. It is also helping me to see what products I use where and when and how things should be stored. Being organized in one area, helps me feel like I can be organized in other areas of the home too.

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Good luck with that. I find that if I try to overorganize, I lose touch and just stop doing it all together (rebellious nature, hehe).<br><br>
I made a long list of things that needed to be done to <i>become organized</i> and spent a long weekend doing all of it. It was stuff like buying baskets for my shelves/closets, buying plastic bins for storage, etc. Now, instead of using any lists, I do things as they need doing, and I no longer seem to get overwhelmed.<br><br>
When I see dust, I spend 10 mintues dusting our home. Every room. Seriously takes no time.<br>
When the one of the clothes hampers (I have 2 triple-sorters), are full, I do a load of laundry.<br>
I keep a basket next to the stairs to the basement. Anything going downstairs -- recycleables, and any clothes that need to get to the hampers -- gets there when I go downstairs. That basket goes with me every time, unless there are only a few items I can carry by hand. Even if it's full, I don't take it down till it's full unless we're expecting company<br>
If the dishes have been run through the washer, and there are dishes in the sink, instead of letting them pile up, I unload the dishwasher. I hate this chore, but in reality it only takes 3 minutes to get everything put up, and another 2 minutes to get the thing loaded again.<br>
If I see something spilled on the counter, I wipe it up immediately.<br>
If I see the toilets are getting dirty, I clean them.<br><br>
You get the picture? Hehe. I don't know when the switch in my head flipped from procrastinator to overachiever when it comes to cleaning, but I'm glad it did. I'm so much more relaxed now.<br><br>
I work full time, and before it felt like I was spending all of my hours at home cleaning. I seriouly spend about 30 minutes cleaning each day, minus cleaning up after dinner.<br><br>
The only thing we really schedule around here is that DD's blanket and cot sheet have to be washed before school starts the next week, and recycling has to be taken to the center on Saturday mornings because they aren't open before/after work otherwise.<br><br>
If you can make that work for you, then awesome! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
I think in all reality I could make that work for a week, and then I'd be frazzled. I am a list maker though. I list things that need to be done, if I see it and don't have time. It's usually stuff like things that need to be picked up for shopping, or something special for DD's school, or maybe I need to bring my camera into work that day, things like that.<br><br>
Right now I'm making a list of all the things I need to bring with me to the Tool concert tonight. AWWWW YEAH! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">
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