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A soft carrier that's easy to get on your back?

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I can't for the life of me get dd on my back in the EBMT. Can any one suggest a carrier that would be easier for the back carry? I need to be able to get her on my back when we're alone. TIA!
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I'm interested too! And if anyone has any advice on the back carry with the rebozo...I can kinda get it to work, but I still feel like I'm doing something wrong.

Also TIA!
What problems are you having getting your DC onto your back w/ the ABC?

I start by tying the ABC around my waist. Then I usually stand DD on a chair, seat of the car, table, or some such, behind me, grab her by one shoulder and one leg, lean over and lift her onto my back. I used a spotter the first few times, then stood over the couch, but it didn't take long to get the hang of it solo and now help is usually unhelpful. THen I hold DD in place w/ one hand while I lift one strap over my shoulder, and use my chin to hold it in place while I bring the other one up. Then I pull them tight, stand up, and tie the straps under her bum before bringing them around to tie around my waist in front.

I never could get proper hang of the swing-over-the shoulder method of putting baby on my back the show w/ the rebozo. The few times I've used a shawl I just got DD onto my back the same way as w/ the ABC while holding the shawl across her back then tying her on.
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I assume you have tried the sofa method (the one on the ebmt site). Here are a few other ways.
Try tying it on your hip and then put dd on your hip and pull the fabric up. Then slide both her and the ebmt around to your back and adjust it from there. Then there is the way that the onbuhimo suggests to put them on (some moms find this way very easy). You can see instructions here After you get her on your back you will want to bend over, tie the shoulder straps behind her (to kind of hold her in place) then take the waist straps, tuck them under her legs and tie them around your waist. Then you can untie and readjust the shoulder straps.

I just usually do it like Raven said, except I just bend over and kind of throw dd back there (just did it at the grocery store tonight) :LOL

You can pract ice with some of these while sitting on the bed. That way if you miss something your dd has a soft spot to land on. Once you get comfortable with it you will have no problem doing it by yourself. Some catch on right away first time, and for others it just takes a bit more practice to feel OK with it by themselves

Maybe something like the Ergo or Sutemi would work better for you. Though it seems to have the same type of initial learning curve that most abc's do.

What is the soft carrier where you strap them in first, then you lift them on? Is that the wilkinet? I can't remember

Hope this helps some
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I can get her on my back with the couch method, but I need to do it when we're out and about by ourselves and can't. I'm just really uncoordinated and on the bigger side so reaching back and tieing the straps is really difficult. Maybe I just need to practice?

I was really just hoping there was a really simple back carrier out there for me.
I LOVE my Ergo because I can get DS on my back alone and it only takes a minute!

I put the waist strap on me then I have him stand in front of me and flip him over my shoulder (really anyway you would get them on your back for a piggy back ride) then I lean forward and he holds on and I just pull the straps up around him and bounce to get him in it and we are done. I usually have to ajust the straps becasue I loosen them to get him off.

To take him off I take off one strap and hold his hand, then the other and just swing him around to the ground. We just got it a few weeks ago and he is 21 months old.

Here is a video a friend made to show me how she does it. I watched it a few times and then did it for the first time with no problems with my 4 year old. DS was sleeping when the Ergo came. LOL
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The EllaRoo is really easy to get on my back. I can do it standing with no problems. Plus, they are nice and long and come in 3 sizes. Mamatoto has great instructions.
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Sheena- how long did it take you to get the hang of it? I'm dealing with a semi-uncooperative 9 mo old and I don't see how I'll ever be able to do it alone. I really want it to work b/c I
my sari.

ETA: Zoebugsmom- Sorry for hijacking your
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The ebmt straps are suppose to be long enough so that you don't have to tie in the back, you wrap them in the back and bring around front to tie. If you can't do that with yours perhaps you can exchange it for one with longer straps.

From time to time I have heard of people who have a hard time tying them behind their backs, so you are alone there.

I would keep practicing cause the more you do it the easier it will get.

Something like an Ergo or Sutemi might work better for you. You would just have to try them. If they didn't you could always return them.
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With a rebozo what I do is stand my dd(or you could lay them on the seat of the car if they don't stand) I put the wrap over her, then bring all the material to the front under her armpits. I hold all the material in my left hand, I hold her right arm with my right hand then I bend or squat down. I lift her up with the material and her arm and pull her onto my back, then I rearrange the material and pull it all tight and tie.

With a ABC I do a very similar thing. At home I use the couch method but this works too. I stand her up(or you could lay them down on the seat) and put the ABC on her back. I bring the top straps under her armpits and to the front. Then I bring the bottom straps between her legs(so it forms the seat that way). I then hold all 4 straps with my left hand and I grab her right arm with my right hand, squat and pull her up that way. Then I rearrange the bottom of the material making sure there is enough of a seat for her and I tie the bottom then I tie the top.
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I lay my Kozy down and fold up the bottom a couple of times because Zach is little. And I lay him on it, sit down in front of him and tie the bottom straps. Then I get his feet to straddle me, lean back, and pull both shoulder straps up. This works on my bed and in the back end of my Suburban (we have barn doors.) I did just get a odd look today when I sat in the back of my Suburban and leaned back. But who cares? Zach was happy.
I would suggest practicing getting her in piggyback position with no wrap. I do this the same way I do it with my MW: put her on my hip, bring my arm around from behind her to in front of her, sticking that hip out a bit to support her, then slide her around to the back.

To put her in the EBMT or Kozy, I tie the waist straps around my waist with the body hanging down like an apron, but in the back instead of the front. then I put the baby on my back using the hip-slide method I just described. Bending over so that she's lying on my back, I grab the shoulder straps and pull them up so the back comes up behind her, then bring them down in front of my shoulders rucksack-style, acroos her legs and butt, crossed under her butt and back under her legs around my waist to tie in front.

Originally Posted by quest4quiet
Sheena- how long did it take you to get the hang of it? I'm dealing with a semi-uncooperative 9 mo old and I don't see how I'll ever be able to do it alone. I really want it to work b/c I
my sari.

ETA: Zoebugsmom- Sorry for hijacking your

It took me about a week to get comfortable and about a month to get really good at it.

I stand and lay her face down on my arm. Then I lay the EllaRoo over her back and I spread it from her armpits down under her butt. I bend at the waist to make my back flat and I put her belly on my right shoulder letting go of the fabric and grabbing her right arm at the wrist. Then I pull her left arm over my head and l let go of her arms and grab both sides of fabric. At this point I can stand straight up and she will be held up by the fabric under her pits. Then I do whatever tie I'm using.

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Thanks every one! I guess I'll try practicing some more and hopefully we'll master it. DD just tends to get cranky when I try, I guess she doesn't like all the manhandling.

That Mamatoto site is great! Now I want a wrap. Can any one tell me where I could find a sari? I've always thought sari fabric is beautiful and it looks like they would make great wraps, especially in the summertime.

Thanks every one!
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A lot of times you can find saris and tapestries on ebay.
That toss method on the mamatoto site can be done with your MT as well.
I got mine off e-bay for about $15 including shipping. There used to be a link on the mamatoto site to a place with some really gorgeous ones. I can't find it anymore, though. She's changing that thing everyday, lol.
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