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A sweet story

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Hi- I just wanted to share this! I was on a short cruise a couple of weeks ago with my dd and my mom. (We spent the whole time chasing after my dd, not as relaxing as I'd anticipated!! But that's not the point!) One morning when we were at breakfast, my dd (21 months) wanted to nurse. We generally don't NIP, she generally doesn't ask. Anyway, I started nursing her, and one of the women who worked there saw us. At first, she thought my dd was hiding under the table. When she saw that she was nursing, she thought that was the greatest thing! She went and told another woman who works there, and they both came over and said how happy they were to see a mom nursing her baby, that they hadn't seen it in so long, that my dd was going to be really smart, etc. etc. One of the women said, "oh, I like this very much!" It was so nice and they were so natural about it! I didn't find out where they were from, they were Asian, because I was pretty seasick myself. Where I live, breastfeeding babies is very common. Breastfeeding toddlers isn't quite as common!
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Thanks for sharing! It is good to hear the positive side.
That's great! So nice to hear stories like this!
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i think in general nip'ing is more common in asian lands. al of the asian friends i have had since becoming a mother have been extremely supportive of my nip'ing, one older couple even ordering me at a big gathering never to leave the family table to feed a member of the family! LOL
So sweet!

Thank you for sharing!
It was such a nice feeling!
When we have nursed around other people, my experience so far has been that people are "polite" which is fine, but this was so natural and normal and nice!!
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