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A tale of two machines

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I'm trying to decide between 2 singer models and am feeling a bit
: Both of these are electronic machines in the 7400 line. The model that's gotten really good reviews on Joann's is this one But there's a 2-3 week wait on the delivery. Target is selling what looks to be a very similar for $50 less due to a sale plus I could go and pick it up this week.

I'm a beginning sewer and would be using this for clothing, totes and the like. Quilting is something I envision doing sometime but not for awhile.

Both of these machines look so similar with a few variations on stitch number. As far as i can tell that's about it. I've searched online for various comparisons and reviews but haven't come up with too much. So does anyone have any experience with either of these machines? And if not which one would you experienced seamstresses recommend based on the specs?
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While I adore old Singers (pre-1975), I would run very fast from any new machines from them. For budget machines, look into Kenmore, which are made by Janome.
I'm going to disagree w/the previous poster. I think they suffered from a loss in status/reputation and crap production for many years, but I think since acquiring other brands and there r&d the quality of their machines have improved. A machine w/ a warranty is a machine w/a warranty. Singer's holding company owns Pfaff, Viking and White. If you would buy one of those you shouldn't hesitate to get a new singer. Now that being said, I think I'd go for a midrange machine from any brand...I think while you can get by with a bottom of the line machine, you'll probably be happier with a machine that you can grow in to in a bit. Go sew on it if you can. The right machine for YOU is different than the right machine for me and only you know what you should get. Good luck, Happy Sewing!
Thanks for the replies, ladies. I spoke to our local Singer dealer today who said the first model (#7462) is a great one, they happen to be sold out at the moment. All the reviews I've read of this machine have been pretty solid and it does have a good warranty so I'm thinking I'll probably go with this one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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