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A tentative introduction

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Well, long story short, I'm pregnant and due in April.

Long story is I was ttc in July, got -, got period, and stopped testing. In August, ttc, tested at 7 days after I expected to have ovulated, but a DARK + right away and thought it odd. I also had pain, and so went to the hospital. Turns out I had (have) a dermoid cyst, and a baby that should (last week) have been 8 weeks based on hormones and based on fertility info (i.e. could ONLY be 8 weeks or 4 weeks based on DTD dates). No fetal pole. Suspected ectopic with high levels and no baby (i.e baby would be visible). Went home and told to come back in 48 hours, or before that if there was pain in case of ectopic rupture. Went back 36 hours a later, u/s showed baby at 6w2d with hearbeat very low. Sent home and told to come back later in week. Went back today and am measuring 7w1d. Hormones indicate an advanced pg, ahead of u/s measurements. Obviously had a full period's worth of bleeding early on, to have believed I got my period (I was fully convinced!). Turns out I have a hematoma that probably explains the heavy bleeding, and coudl explain lack of development (behind placenta).

So, here I am. Tentatively. It could go either way.
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welcom sanguine
what a marvelous story. i wish the best for you and your miracle.
Wow, that sounds like quite the emotional roller coaster. Even if the dating is crazy, that is such great news about the hb and the growth.

Congrats and welcome!
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Wow! I hope everything turns out well for you. I didn't even quite follow the post, lol, but I do hope things go well.
I hope it turns out good! Congrats!
Wow, that's wild! Congrats and I hope everything works out!
That's crazy! Well congrats! Your baby is strong and growing.
I felt really off today and became worried about infection. I decided not to go in. Then I had brown spotting. If I didn't have 3 other kids that need to get places tomorrow morning with oru only family car, and if the u/s tech was working at night at the local hospital, I would have gone in this evening. Instead, I'm going in the morning. I think the feeling off and the pain might be related to a pending loss, I'm afraid. The prognosis was never good, so this certainly would not be a shock.
I hope everything is ok.
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I hope tomorrow brings good news.
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I hope it's good news!
I'm feeling positive at this point. I went back and got some pain drugs for the dermoid cyst that they would normally operate on, but don't want to right now for obvious reasons. The bleeding is most definitely due to a hematoma, but the hematoma is slightly smaller now. The baby is growing as expected, and I'm now 8 weeks with 160bpm. I'm still absolutely mystified about the dates, but growth looks good and I'm feeling somewhat more hopeful. Thanks for your well wishes.
wonderful news!!
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I'm back and happy to report that the ultrasound today (fifth one!) shows that the baby is growing well. In fact, two weeks ago I was measuring 6 weeks, and now I am measuring 8. This is all so wonderful and shocking given the early prognosis. We're still baffled about dates versus hormones and my fertility charting, but the most important thing is that the baby is growing appropriately and consistently.

This ultrasound was different than all of the previous ones because it was in a different part of the hospital. This means DP could come with me and I could see the monitor. The previous ones were hush-hush where I couldn't watch, DP couldn't come and the tech wouldn't talk to me, since there was a high risk of loss and they don't want techs to have to break bad news (and beacuse the ER doc sees you after those ones). This one was so much nicer, and the tech surprised us with a picture

She said: "The white blob is the baby."
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Yay! I'm so happy for you!
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That's GREAT! I'm so happy to hear it!
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