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A Test Case for 21st Century Election Theft

I find it very interesting that there are now efforts to postpone the California recall election based on "the fact that the voting machines are old and out dated", and they want to "make sure that the new touch screen machines are in place, so as not to have any issues such as the ones in the 2000 Presidential election."

Suddenly there is such a heightened "concern" that the old machines (that have been adequate for decades if properly maintained) are thought to be "obsolete" and "not to be trusted."

I imagine the reason for this new "concern about our Democratic process" has to do with the fact that they know that there is no paper trail whatsoever that could verify the actual will of the people with these new "Diebold beauties", and they want to make sure that this new form of election theft goes off without any major hitches before the republicans steal the Presidential Election in 2004.

It should be noted that nearly all the members of Diebold's Board of Directors are major contributors to the Bush campaign. Also, numerous test studies have shown that the new machines have been proven to be highly corruptible, and results are much LESS reliable than the so called "antiquated" punch ballot system, and there is no way to physically verify the results.

Here's what is going to happen.

1) They will postpone the election

2) A Republican, (most likely Schwartzenegger) will "win" in California under highly questionable circumstances

3) There will be a number of valid concerns raised about the "election" results and the validity of the data generated by the new machines, but the people who raise these concerns will be labeled as "radical leftist whiners", and ridiculed relentlessly by pundits in the so called "liberal media."

4) Bush will use these same machines to steal the election and "win" by a significant margin in 2004, so as not to require a recount.

5) Democracy will die, as will what's left of our economy in Bush's 2nd term after he starts another couple of wars (most likely with Iran, North Korea, Syria, or all of the above

6) I will move to Canada

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The Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore was meant to be a ticket good for one ride.

The judges ruled that California's recall election could not be held as scheduled, on Oct. 7, because voters in six counties would still be using the same dreaded punch-card machines that threw the 2000 presidential election into 37 days of chaos.

And like the Supreme Court justices three years ago, the California judges cited the same equal protection guarantees of the Constitution that were used to conclude the presidential election.

"They're hoisting the Supreme Court on its own petard," said Vikram Amar, a professor at Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.
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