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a tornado destroyed my home

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We were in the house, but not injured. We are very, very lucky. We've been given donations of clothing and food, but I'm hoping I can get some more cloth diapers to replace those I lost. I was unable to recover any of them. I appreciate you all keeping us in your thoughts. Here is the news story:!localnews
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Wow, amazing story.

What do you need? Do you know if the new babe is a girl? I have a bunch of girly newborn and small things that I would love to send you if you'd like them.
we are expecting a girl. I would greatly appreciate anything you can offer for her. thanks! I'll pm my info.
Holy, you're one smart and brave mama.

So glad you're ok.

I don't have diapers, but could dig up a few sleepers if you're interested. PM me.
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Hi. I dont have clothes in those sizes but was wondering if you know of where I can send a box to help others with kids ?
Sorry for your loss
And So glad you kept your kids and yourself safe!
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I just happen to have a whole basket of prefolds and covers that I can send you (enough to diaper a baby to probably 6 months or so - and they're girl colors, too
)- they were just sitting there waiting for me to do something with them. PM me an address and I'll get them out tomorrow.
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I don't know where to send donations of clothing. I have alot to donate that didn't fit my family and I was trying to find out where to take them, but the only places I can find are goodwill and christian mission. I was hoping to take them somewhere that isn't charging for them. They are giving vouchers via the red cross to people to get free clothing from goodwill or salvation army, so you could probably send them there. Do you want the address? There are alot of people in need right now.

Thanks so much for the dipes, Divine. I appreciate it from the depth of my heart. PM'ing you.
i may have some things i can send you,i have some baby girl clothes as well as dipes i could put together for you.
i'm in a bind myself with getting dipes in large and mediums since dh has been out of work for weeks nowbut there was one nice mama on here helping me out by gifting a few mediums and large,but i'll need more i have 2 in dipes.
but i have plenty of smallish dipes that dd has outgrown.
so if i can help i would love to. send me your info.
thank you and God bless you
Do you still need diapers. I think I have some infant sized prefolds (only about 1/2 dozen or so) that still have lots of use left (although they certainly aren't perfect). I also might have a couple of medium and large fuzzi bunz. Again, these have been well-used, but still work fine. I wish I had more to spare, but my skinny little 2.5-year-old is still stuck in mostly mediums and has no real interest in PT. I already got rid of most of my small/newborn stash.

eta - If you still need them when dd potty-trains, I'll be glad to send what I have your way. I'll have more medium and large fuzzi bunz and a half dozen or so bummis AIOs. Also, I might have some large and extra large covers if your 2 yo is that big yet. I don't think dd's bottom will be that big before she PTs, unlike her big sister.
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