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Yes, Lovebeads, great idea! I can see this working for dd....
Also, Laura, I think I will look up more that Waldorf technique--dd really responds well to this kind of "story-telling" teaching, although I had never read about it as a Waldorf thing. Just something we came to naturally because dd tended to relate story situations to real life situations....

I "fell upon" a trick that helped us recently--sort of a twist on role play.
Dd is a cautious person, and new things can be difficult for her. She gets anxious, rather than excited. So, we were just playing one day, and she was "being" the mommy and I was "being" the child. She loves to parent me, and uses a lot of gd!

IRL, we needed her to go to a babysitter in a couple days--happens about 4 times a year. She knew about the plans, but was anxious and opposed. So, while playing, I (as the child) asked "do I *have to go to P's house?", and since she was the mommy, dd gently explained *why I had to go (Mommy and Daddy both have to work that day), and all of the reasons that I would have fun there (P gives you junk food
, P's neighbors have a little boy to play with, P has lots and lots of Barbies at her house....). Basically, it gave her the opportunity to argue *for going to the babysitter, rather than against (as she had been doing up to that point). And, from that moment on, she was more relaxed, and even excited, to go to the babysitter!
Then we tried it with the idea of dance classes--which she was very opposed to as well--and now she is begging to try dance classes!

This is 2 for 2 with us. Maybe someone else has an equally cautious kid who could benefit....
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