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A truly hormonal moment...

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Well, it has actually happened...

After a beautiful 21 month-long nursing relationship, my DD went to sleep tonight (in my arms) without nursing!

I'm sure I've been "dry" for weeks now, but she was sucking at her thumb (her thumb!) as though she was latched on and it was everything in me to just let her sleep and not wake her up with the tears running down my face. It was sweet, and maybe it's time for her. She was only nursing that one time a day anyway...but it was still a bittersweet moment for her overly-hormonal, preggo momma.

Ah, children...they do grow up, huh? I guess I'll let her if I have to...

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I've not had any milk for ages and my ds will now go to sleep cuddled in my arms - in fact over the weekend he fell asleep face first in his sand pit! he is still nursing a couple of time a day though.
But even if our dc's stop nursing now can we be sure they wont start again when they see the new babe nursing and an smell all the lovely milk..... i think my ds will be attached 24/7 - so it might not be over yet

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I know how you feel, dd weaned in March and it is so hard. It will get better, she still needs you a TON, plus you'll have a new baby to nurse soon; so it's like the best of both worlds!
Ditto, Lily stopped nursing earlier this year too. I cried several times about it. I am still sad at times even though I will be nursing 2 babies very soon.
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