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A Tshirt in Target/ WWYD?

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I was in Target yesterday and almost fainted when I saw a baby romper made by Circo. It had apicture of a bottle on the front and it read:
Formula 4 success.

Now I looked around and didn't see any :
Breast is best or Breastmilk it does a toddler good or any other advocacy tees (I knew they wouldn't) Is this somehting we should write to this comapny about or is it just somehitng for me and anyone else with a brain to be disgusted over.

If you were to write a letter or call what would you say?
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I'd be disappointed by that too. Actually I'd be kinda ticked off, and I'd have probably wondered the same thing.

I have not had enough tea yet to be capable of drafting a letter but here is the contact form to email the Target corporate offices if you decide to contact them, the page also has a phone number as well if you'd rather call and ask them where the toddler size onesies that say, "Powered by Mama's Milk" are. Heh heh.
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I think you should send them a little comment about this. Here's what I wrote. It has come to my attention, that you are selling Circo brand baby rompers that say "Formula 4 Success" The facts are that formula is inferior in every way to breastmilk. I did not see a romper that said "Breast is best" Care to explain? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you don't have breastmilk to sell on your shelves?
I'm wondering if they will respond.
I sent through this link instead:

hope that wasn't wrong...
Oh, and I sent the following:

I have recently been to your store and noticed the words "Formula 4 Success" on Circo brand infant clothing. With the many, many slogans that could reasonably and responsibly be put on infant clothing, I fail to see why this needs to be there; surely you are not that eager to create a higher market demand for infant formula at the expense of the health of your smallest customers? Or perhaps it was simply not well thought out?

I have recently been much impressed with your company's merchandise selection and how well it fits into my family's lifestyle, and now shop at your stores preferentially over any other chain. I would think that this slogan fails to fall within what I have found amongst my friends to be a highly positive image as a more natural, more conscientious company than a certain other large retail chain. I respectfully suggest that these infant rompers be pulled or complimented by others with a positive but non-offensive breastfeeding slogan such as "Powered by Mama's Milk" or "I Eat at Mom's" or similar.
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Thing is, to really work, the pro-breastfeeding message needs to take off on a saying unrelated to babies. That's why the "Formula 4 Success" slogan got on the onsies, people say "that's a formula for success" in other venues. While they need to be alerted to the fact that that's actually promoting formula, I doubt that was the original intention of the design team. Let's encourage them to use their creative juices to promote breast feeding.

"Keep a-breast of the situation"
"Got breastmilk?"
"Don't have a cow's milk"

See, this is why we should encourage the professionals...
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