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A Vba3c? Three?

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So, I MAY or MAY NOT decide on a fourth baby (knowingt he fertility of my dh and I, I may not be the one deciding
) ANYWAY- I have had THREE c-sections...THREE! The time between the first and second was 12 monthes to the DAY and the time between the 2nd and third was 16 monthes....I am equally as scared of another c-section if not more than of trying for a VBAC with a midwife at a birth center.....I need your 2nd and third babies were also considerably early-5.5 weeks and 3.5 weeks.....
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No input yet? Are ya'll scared as me?
All I know is my MIL had 4 c-sections before she even experienced labor. First child was breech - the other 3 were repeats. She went on to have 6 vaginal births after 4 sections!!!
She said it was horribly painful (she said she thought she was dying) and they wouldn't give her drugs because they needed to know if she had ruptured or not. It got easier after the first VBAC. With her 9th child, she got in the water for the first time and it was a really fast and wonderful birth. My MIL is a hero, but she has a lot of birth phobia. If you go into it with a positive attitude and belief in your body, I bet you could do it for sure and have a wonderful experience! There is a birth story in Birth Stories called "guess what I did last night", I don't remember exactly, but it was either a VBA3C or VBA4C. Check it out, it's a really cool story!~
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I would give your body time to heal before attempting a vbac just because your uterus and the scarring needs some 'quiet time' but I do think you can do it. There are many mamas who have, and you'll never know if you don't try!

Good Luck!
I agree with Misseks. My first was a CS, and second is due 17 months after the first. Because of that, I was turned down by a couple midwives due to the spacing being too close. It just depends on your area, but it could be difficult to find someone to attend if they're close together, plus having had 3 CSs.
Also, from those I've talked to, it takes a while for all the nerves to reconnect down there, so that can be an issue too.
But, if you wait so that there'd be a couple years between your last and your next, I think you can definitely do it! You need to find a supportive care provider, doula experienced in VBACs, and make sure your partner is on board, and you'll be in great shape.
Realize that most (I hesitate to say ALL, but nearly all) people in the medical community are going to freak at a VBA3C. You should look into midwives who trust in women's bodies, and try to stay away from the main stream. Anyone telling you that your body NEEDS things is going to be a hinderance. The only thing that your body needs is basic healthcare (nutrition, exercise, vitamins, etc), and a safe birthing environment. Avoid interventions and they'll find fewer reasons to cut you.
Just my opinion, but you'll be fine. You're thinking about it now, which is a great sign that you'll be fully prepared when/if the time comes.
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VBA3Cs definitely happen. There is not a lot of statistical/medical type info about them because they don't happen that often unfortunately - but the best place to look IMO would be
It's not only for the plus-sized, she has a great collection of research and birth stories for VBACs after multiple cesareans.
Hi! 3 is not out of the question for a vbac, it has been studied and proven that your risk of rupture is not very much higher then a VBAC after 1. I know of a woman who VBACed after 7 yes, SEVEN c-sections... I believe that if you really want it, and your body agrees (like no sneeky cervix covering placenta), you can VBAC, no problem...
I had a VBA4C
check out ICAN and google "risks ERCS" (risks of elective repeat c/section) google VBAMC (vaginal birth after multiple c/sections)
the Journal of Pediatrics wants you to have a VBAC
risks of ERCS
current research (2005 and newer)
latest respected study on uterine rupture comparing 1 c/s w/ multiple c/s
theres a new statement by the ACOG even!

and my own story, plus some background can be found here or in Birth Stories on this site
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ok geckoed is one lady who had a vba4c another had one last summer both in michigan, YAY michigan. but vbacs can be done after however many sections, and if you ever get pregnant you shouldnt just sign up for that ercs, plan a vbac but you're going to have to start looking now for a supportive caregiver
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Just yesterday I met woman who had a VBAC after having three C-sections; it is certainly possible. If you join the ICAN list, you'll get to read about VBACs after multiple sections - the list is a great resource.
There are quite a few women who have done this & are active on the ICAN list, as another pp mentioned.
Keep us posted!
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Just one question: Have you checked with the birth center to see if they will allow a VBA3C? The ones I checked with did not.

Originally Posted by stayathomecristi View Post
Just one question: Have you checked with the birth center to see if they will allow a VBA3C? The ones I checked with did not.
The birth center here wouldn't allow a first VBAC even
: although it's been a blessing in disguise, I am excited about my hbac now and found a midwife who has been through it all herself.

but definitely look into that way ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.
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We are ttc now with #4 and I will by planning a VBA3C. Once we know that the pregnancy is healthy and that we meet the criteria(mainly a healthy pregnancy) we will go from there. I do know a midwife who will attend me at home, but I need to get my husband on board with that.
He is fine with a birthing center, but home scares him after our previous experiences.
Yes, after the birth center study came out a few years ago, most accredited/CNM birth centers stopped doing vbacs (sadly, because the analysis/conclusion of that study was bogus IMO).

The good news is that if you are within a reasonable distance of a hospital with a safe, equipped attendant, there is no safety advantage to a birth center over a homebirth. It's basically having a homebirth at somebody else's house.

Originally Posted by ccohenou View Post

The good news is that if you are within a reasonable distance of a hospital with a safe, equipped attendant, there is no safety advantage to a birth center over a homebirth. It's basically having a homebirth at somebody else's house.
That makes sense.....
....I am nervous about BOTH a homebirth or at a birthing last 2 DC required NICU stays over 3 days.....
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If you don't mind me asking, why were they in the NICU?
I dont mind at all...My middle daughter was 5.5 weeks early and so her lungs were not developed to their fullest. She was limp when they pulled her out-quite scary....I had to leave her there and come home without her....I think she was there exactly a week until her oxygen levels were son was there for 3 days for the same reason pretty much....fed by a little tube at first and recieveing oxygen....3-3.5 weeks early.......its all kinda a blur now....nothing majorly diagnosable except for breathing.....
Don't know if this will help your concerns, but - if you plan an out-of-hospital birth for your next baby, you will always have the option to change the plan if your baby ends up coming prematurely (here's hoping s/he will be perfectly full-term and well cooked, though

You might talk with a midwife or several, and ask them how they would handle a baby who was born with respiratory difficulties - they should be able to give you an answer that will be reassuring in terms of their ability to do resuscitation, transport if necessary, etc.
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Sure, you can do it! When I get pregnant again I will be planning a VBA4C. It can be hard to find stories of VBAMC's but they ARE out there! My only bit of advice would be stay away from the hospital. Find a good midwife if you feel you need care & stay home, your odds go WAY up just by doing that! You sound like you're in a good place mentally - just keep surrounding yourself with POSITIVE VBAC stories and don't listen to the naysayers! Good luck!
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