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A week behind?

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Already drama in my pregnancy!

I had my first ultrasound today and I am only measuring 5w1d, I should be 6w3d. I did get a negative blood test 14 days after my IUI, then a positive 21 days after. I triggered ovulation so I know when it happened.

So what's going on?

I did another HCG today and it was fine, 4309, but I go again on saturday to see how it is then, which will really explain if I am going to miscarry.

But can't an egg only live for a couple days? Not a whole week?

I'm so confused and stressed.

Also today, before finding out the bad news my blood pressure was crazy high, like if I were more pregnant I'd be hospitalized, and I've gained 10 lbs in a couple weeks.

what's going on!
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All the worrying sucks!

I've only had dates off by more than a week once and it was a blighted ovum. Did they detect a heartbeat?
no heartbeat yet. does a blighted ovum still produce HCG? I think that was what happened with Hudson's twin. Can't be sure.

I hope that isn't the case. I will be devistated and I'm not sure I can do more of the fertility treatments. They're really hard on me.
Yeah, my blighted ovum had HCG levels right on track.

Before worrying too much...when do you go back in for another scan?
Same here with my blighted ovum at 9 weeks. My HCG rose like normal....#1 sign was no nauseous, dizziness, intense fatigue etc. I felt great. Now......this time....I feel miserable!
I go next week.

I've had symptoms though, nausea (for weeks now!) lots of dizziness and feeling like I have really low blood sugar (despite just having eaten a healthy meal)

Oh I hope it's not the case.

I guess it is what it is. I'll just wait and see.
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