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A weird thing happened to my finger

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OK, here's the story- anybody have any theories?

I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow. Yesterday while making up the bed, I suddenly felt a painful swelling in the knuckle of the middle finger on my left hand. I knew I hadn't knocked it on anything, so when I looked and saw it swelling up to twice its size and turning blue/green, I tried hard not to panic (my first thought was "SPIDER BITE! My God, it's finally happened; I've been bitten by a brown recluse and now my hand is going to fall off!")

I checked but there were no puncture wounds, nor was there a spider lurking in the linens. But the swelling was huge, and I couldn't even bend my finger anymore! So I iced it for a while, and gradually the swelling went away. Today it is normal size, but most of my finger is now a purplish-brown bruise color, from the blood draining away from the knuckle.

What is the deal??? I have always had low-normal blood pressure, and when I checked it yesterday it was 112/66. Could it be that my veins are weak, possibly from a deficiency of some kind? Could it be iron deficiency? I have been really tired, and I had already asked DF to bring me some Floradix (Yeeeeuck, BTW!).

Anyone, anyone?
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Yeah that is wierd. I have no idea what it could be.

I really just wanted to post to say that your daughter has a fantastic name! I love it.
Thank you! We call her Lula for the most part, as might be obvious from my username... and Dare is my mother's middle name. We hoped it might make her adventurous.
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I really wanted to call our daughter Tallulah, but couldn't convince my husband on it
I'm happy with Talia, too, though...

It's really hard to determine what happened with your finger, but if the swelling and pain went down with no major intervention so quickly, I wouldn't worry about it. You might have bent it in some wierd way while shaking out the sheets, or popped it out of joint; But, if it were a physical injury like that, I wouldn't think it would heal so quickly. A spider bite or insect bite is a good theory - most spider bites will swell and be really sore, and if they happen on a small joint the effect will really suck (pun intended
) It probably wasn't brown recluse. Their effects don't kick in immediately, but take a while to develop. And they wouldn't be going away on their own.
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I had something similar happen a long time ago. I have no idea what it was, but it hasn't happened since. It was like a vein just freaked out or something.
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