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A weird thing happened to one of my fuzzibunz. Ever happen to anyone else?

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I was stuffing my fuzzibunz, when I looked inside the pocket on one of them and saw that plastic laminate had somehow separated from the outside of the diaper. Of course, the plastic part had torn, and so the diaper is now useless.

I've never seen this happen before. My other FB are okay. These particular FB are used exclusively overnight, and therefore washed very often. It's 7 months old. Red, if that makes a difference.
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I had a couple old FB's where the laminate sort of blistered and came unattached, but only in small bubbles. I still used them.

I'm surprised that one of yours fell apart like that though - esp. after only 7 month. We tried a lot of CD's and ended up falling in love with FB's. If we ever have another baby, I'll still go back to using them.
I haven't had that happen (knock on wood), but I have to share that my single red FB seems different from the rest of them. The PUL seems more stiff, the fleece pills more, and it seems "squeaky" when you rub it against itself. Maybe it's a red thing

But I have no idea about the laminate breaking. That would make me sad and upset
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I have been using the same 16FB's for the last 15 months on my son and have NEVER had an issue like that. Contact them and I'm sure they will replace it. They are usually really good at standing behind their products. Or even contact whoever you bought it from, I had 3 sage ones that all 3 leaked (don't even ask me how long it took me to realize that the ones that leaked were all the same color LOL) and the lady I bought them from replaced them w/in days!
I have an old print Wonderoo that the laminate has separated from the fabric, but the laminate isn't torn so it still works fine. Feels weird on the inside when I stuff it though.
I have a few older FBs. They are old enough that the elastics got replaced. They do seem a little stiffer then the newer FBs that I have, but I just looked and didn't see anything wrong with the PUL in the red one.

If it's only 7 months old I'd contact the people that make FBs and let them know. Myabe they got a bad batch of material.

The only things I've heard of that would make the laminate separate like that is if the FB is soaked or rinsed with vinegar often, or if something like Borax (i.e., 20-Mule Team laundry booster) is used in the wash. That causes the laminate to disintegrate after a while, but the FB website warns against using them. (I've still used both in the wash on occasion and not had a problem, but I haven't done it very often. Usually only because I forgot the FBs were in there.)
Both my froggie FB did that, I just bought them last year, never soaked in vinegar. I had to toss them in the garbage
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sorry the laminate ripped..if it hadn't,you could have kept on using it.
We have at least a dozen FB's, and have had more but i just did a slell-off, and i have never had this happen.....
BUT, i do have a FB wetpail, the hanging one, and i got it brand new, and the whole bottom half has the laminate seperated..and it is red, lol!!!!!It still works fine though...
I had a prorap cover do that , but not to that extent. I would contact the company too, since it seems you got a "bad" one. Bummer! Could you get some nikwax and rewaterproof it??

And I hadn't heard that about borax before??? I have used it in the past, not for soaking but for every other wash, or so. I was having buildup issues and it was helping keep them at bay. Glad that only lasted a couple months--don't want to kill my wonderoos!!
We have a few FBs and bought them used off of eBay and haven't had any problems at all. They look great and seem to hold up really well.
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