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Cool idea, I'm in.

Tye dye dresses (s/s or l/s)-4t
tye dye leggings 2t (unless they shrink alot-then 3t)
tye dye or hand painted long sleeve t-shirt-3t-girl

Hand made cards-any theme

lip balms-most any "flavor"

flannel nightgowns-3t-fairies, bunnies, girly

candles-berries/apple spice/open to most natural smells-no flowery or rain scents

pail deoderizers

playsilks-blues, reds, or dark greens or bright rainbow
acorn or flower "fairies"
stuffed animal clothes-like a dog sweater/jacket theme-kids love the craziest things!

I'll add more as I think of it.
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