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We talked about doing this earlier in the year - but what do you think about doing a Winter Holiday Craft Shop/Swap?

We post what we are ISO - all crafty/handmade, etc --- and then pick people (how ever many we can handle) with a supply value of - hmm - I dunno? $10? (Granted the "value" of the finished object would be more - but supplies shouldn't cost too much)

You can pick more than one, of course - and more than one per person if you want to send something more expensive.

I think it would be a great way to bypass the consumerism of the holidays and give gifts made with mamas hands and love.

Items should be shipped on November 1st - which is a Saturday after payday
so that will help out I think!

Personal note: I am STILL waiting on my order from Dharma - who I am tempted to NEVER order from again
So those who are STILL waiting on their craft swap, I am Soooooo sorry for the delay!!

NOW -- assuming that at least ONE other person out there will go for this, I'm going to jump in and post my list.


~ hand sewn dresses or jammies - 6X, 4T, and 2T

~ handmade soaps - citrus scents, GRAPEFRUIT, vanilla, almond, cinnamon, gingerbready, pumpkinspice stuff - LOOOVE soaps

~ dyed winter stuff for the girls - 6X, 4T, 2T - jammies, dresses, etc (dharma stuff?)

~ hair stuff for the girls - particularly boutique-style hairbows on barettes or clippies (tied bows, loopy bows, pom pom scrunchies, korkers, etc)

~ Doll clothes - Barbie sized or baby doll sized 15" or American Girl sized

~ organic toys - baby and up - or natural fiber? Someone wanna put together a set of chunky lacing beads with natural twine? Bean bags?

~ 100% wool diaper covers or soakers or all hemp diapers (made by you even if you aren't a WAHM ) - size Large

~ wool ball(s)

~ magic wands

~ fairy wings

~ head wreaths

~ A waldorf doll for DD - full-sized (like a regular sized baby doll) I DESPERATELY want this and will trade two or three times if necessary to get it!!

~ just about anything mama made - Christmas/winter holiday cards, luminaries made of white bags with cutouts, felt stuff, felt purses?

The only think I don't get much use out of - or don't care for - is bathbombs and teas, lotion, lavender, and patchouli.

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Yes, Chris - the same as the TP swaps, basically - I figured that would work long as the items you are ISO are things that mamas can make, you are all clear!

I am going to ask that when people email me their choices they also include the things they'll intend to make - so that we don't have one person getting four boxes of soap (not that *I* would complain) :LOL
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