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So, color me confused
: (I'm in though as soon as I figure it out)
Can you explain for people who may be having a day like my week!! We post our ISO list and then how do you match us up??? The same way as the TP swaps???

My ISO list: (some of this I can make, but you know how that goes)

~linen spray
~kids body wash with eo's-all natural please
~boys slippers size 10 toddler and girls infant 4 wide with gripper bottoms, like robeez, or just socks w/gripper bottoms are okay
~pajamas for girls size 18 month and 7 years, boys sizes 4 and 7 years
~quilted throw
~hand thrown pottery for adults or kids
~drawing salve
~homemade paper
~handstamped, no words, cards
~wooden puzzles and playclips
~cute little boxes for the girls dressers
~winter hat for 3 1/2 yo ds, 6 yo dd and 7 yo ds (we already have one for the baby)
~Handpainted long sleeve tees girls size 18/24 months and 7 years and boys size 4/5 and 6/7 (cool things like butterflies or dragonflies for the girls and space stuff or cowboy stuff for the boys)
~pail deodorizers
~wool or fleece topped hemp puddle pad for twin bed
~hair clips barrettes and such for me 7 yo dd and baby with not much
small tissue holder for diaper bag
~small 2 handled (wood or other stiff material) knitted or other bag for 15 mo dd to carry her treasures.
~little felt people and animals
~fairies and gnomes
~wool animals and people
~cloth blocks with animals on each square, about 5" by 5", with bells inside or not is fine, also cloth blocks with different textures on each panel (i.e. velvet, knit, hemp, terry, chenille, fleece, silk, etc)
~a set of 26 bean bags with the letters of the alphabet on them, or the bags shaped like the letters.

I'll add more as I think of it
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