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AAMI program - cost???

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I've wanted to be a midwife for YEARS, but never had the $$$ for schooling... well, my mom has agreed to help pay for the schooling, but it still can't cost too much. I've been reading about the AAMI program and it sounds like what I'd like, and it doesn't look like it's too expensive, but that's what I want to confirm. All the other schools I've seen are really expensive (like a couple thousands per year for a few years), but AAMI looks like it's only about $3500 for the whole program... is that right? Is it really that much less expensive? It looks like a great program, but I don't want to sign up if I'm not understanding the cost right. We could definately afford that, but that's about it.
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Y'know...I am not taking this course, but I was very interested in it a while's just not a good fit for me...but I strongly advise you to call AAMI (do they have a toll-free number?) and speak to them about cost and whatever other concerns.

I called years ago, and talked to someone there, who was very nice and helpful. I think it was Carla actually, to whom I spoke.

Do yourself a big favor and call. I think they actually do have a toll-free (check the website) number to call. What do you have to lose by calling, talking to a nice and helpful person, who can answer your question definitively?

I encourage you to connect with AAMI directly...and I support you on your path.

Do your will...
Joyce in the mts.
Yes - it's really that inexpensive BUT that does not cover the cost of textbooks. They do, however have a book rental program for a monthly fee. Personally, I went out and got the books (to the tune of about $500) because I want to be able to reference freely.

Call Carla. She is amazing and will gladly help you!
I love, love, love this course! It is by far the most challenging course out there and will make you think and study like never before, so beware!
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One of our local midwives was trained through this program and speaks highly of it. It is not accreditted by MANA which may help to keep the costs down. You will have to go through the NARM pep program before getting certified as a CPM. You can check out the requirements at
The thing with AAMI is you have to be motivated to get it done on your own it is self study. Now some people do very well with self study and then some people want or need an instructor. Carla's program is probably the oldest midwifery instruction around and it is excellent, if you want to get a CPM you will still have to pay for the self study packet because it is not an accredited school- though many of the older midwives in NARM used it (politics) in any case I think that there are on line study groups so you can work a bit with others on your AAMI

good luck
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