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ABB moms- Create your own BUSH CHENEY poster!

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I'm not sure whether or not this has been posted here at MDC already. If not, I guess the background goes like this:
A while back the Bush/Cheney campaign got the idea to start a create-your-own slogan page on the official Bush website.

They quickly realized their mistake. POsters can still be printed but, in keeping with Bush's philosophies as leader of our great nation, the option of creating one's own slogan has been removed.
Here'a a new link for anyone wishing for a personalized Bush 2004 of their very own:

It's not as fun as using the one Bush paid for, I know.
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I made one using the original generator, and it said "Let The Endtimes Roll!"

Joyce in the mts.
not abb but found this thread to be funny. nice one simonee (
) and lovely sig too....
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OMG that was so funny I had to stop myself from snorting out loud - dd's napping!

Thank you for making my day!
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Very cool!

(how did they get the right to play that song though?
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Gotta say I'm loving both of those sites!
Oops... um, it's been pointed out to me that I made an "inappropriate & insensitive reference..."
You see, I quoted one of the posters from the link, above, which used the very un-PC "R" word for 'mentally challenged'. Not 'Republican,' the other one.
And while I stand by the truth of the statement, I wouldn't want the Bushies thinking we share their dislike for disadvantaged children, so I'm glossing over it.
I would like to add that Republicans eat puppies.
Thank you.
"Being stupid don't mean you can't be president." link
"Because who doesn't want 4 more years of this?" link

OK, I need to stop now...

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neveryoumind--THREE LINE SIG--that is TOO TOO TOO funny!!!!

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Originally Posted by hotmamacita

: you are too funny.

I HAVE to second that one!

It's nearly 2am here and I'm dyign of laughter!
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