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<b>Who:</b> Environmental Defense Chief Scientist Dr. Bill Chameides, Trustee Peggy Shepherd and alumni Dr. Michael Oppenheimer<br><br><b>When:</b> Friday, April 20 - check local listings<br><br><b>Where:</b> Your local ABC affiliate<br><br>
Chief Scientist of Environmental Defense Dr. Bill Chameides and Environmental Defense Trustee Peggy Shepherd will appear on ABC's 20/20 Earth Day special with Diane Sawyer.<br><br>
"The program will take viewers to every continent to witness the environmental challenges facing the planet today.<br><br>
For every challenge, there is a solution - and that's where we come in.<br><br>
Dr. Bill will make two appearances. First, in a story about solar/wind power. Then, in a roundtable discussion of solutions to global warming.<br><br>
Our alumni Dr. Michael Oppenheimer will also appear on the show."
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