From now on, parents can stop searching for diaper changing stations or settling for unhygienic restroom conditions. Finding a place to change a baby's diaper has always been a problem. A dad in New York ended up creating a website for locating all restrooms equipped with changing station ( This enthusiastic parent's survey found that many well-known restaurants and cafes, such as Starbucks, were not equipped with changing stations. Many public restrooms do not have changing stations, forcing parents to change their babies on dirty floors.

Even if restrooms do have changing stations, parents cannot trust them to be clean. An article written by health specialists Catharine Shaner, a pediatrician with the American Safety and Health Institute, said that a parent should "Never put [his] child's bare bottom on a public diaper changing area unless [he is] able to disinfect the area" ( Public changing stations have been confirmed to bear diseases such as the flu virus and e coli, making them a source of sickness for many babies. In addition, improper use of traditional diaper changing pads can transfer bacteria from the floor or changing table into the diaper bag when the pad is stored. Public places like parks only have a few restrooms in a wide area, and many men's restrooms do not even have changing stations.


The inventors of the BabyDeck stroller faced all of these issues after their son's birth. Their first solution was to buy an SUV with more room than their car for changing diapers. This solution did not last long-running to the SUV is seldom more convenient than searching for a restroom. When a visit to Sea World left the couple with a long hike to a changing table, they began developing the BabyDeck stroller.

The Abiie BabyDeck is the world's first stroller with a diaper changing table that folds out of the seat. The changing pad, made of anti-microbial material, is easily removable and washable, ensuring that parents will have a clean place to change their babies every time. The baby's weight presses the table closed when not in use and "safety bump" technology on the locking mechanism prevents it from accidentally unfolding. Under the seat is a closed storage compartment to protect hygienic items such as diapers, bottles, or first-aid kits.

The BabyDeck changing table is an amazing advancement parental convenience on its own, but the inventors added a few more special features to the stroller. The child tray swings open sideways rather than lifting upwards. The stroller handle adjusts to comfortably accommodate parents of different heights. The BabyDeck's frame is lightweight aluminum, folds up easily, and stands upright when closed, making transport a breeze. Underneath the stroller is a large, easily-accessible storage basket, and the back has a storage pouch for books and magazines.

The stroller seat, which reclines to several positions, can be removed and washed like the changing pad. Certain models are available with cooling mesh ventilation on the seat cushion. The stroller's wide-angle canopy fully covers the child during rainy days or under hot sun-a feature the inventors found vital for enduring Texas summers. The Abiie BabyDeck stroller also features an infant car seat adaptor which fits Graco Snug Rider and SafeSeat car seats. The stroller's basic weight is eighteen pounds, and it is suitable for a child up to fifty pounds. At $199.99, the BabyDeck is a valuable investment that will last a family through several children.

Every component of the BabyDeck stroller, down to the last nut and bolt, has been thoroughly tested to assure that it is lead-free. The Abiie BabyDeck stroller is compliant with CPSIA-H.R.4040 and is JPMA certified, which means it is compliant with US ASTM regulations that all materials are BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free. In addition, it is compliant with European EN1888, Korean KEMTI, and UK safety standards. This means that parents can be sure the BabyDeck is safe for use by them and their children. To come see the BabyDeck's convenient and quality features in person, come visit Abiie official website,

Watch the video below to the BabyDeck in action.

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Major Features:

1.Patented BabyDeck® (Diaper Changing Station) with removable DeckPadTM.

2.Dual purposes (sun + rain) drop-down canopy.

3.Height Adjustable push handle.

4.Balanced Weight Distribution Technology minimizes tip-over.

5.Shock absorber on four wheels.

6.Removal & washable padding.

7.Lightweight aluminum frame.

8.Built-in Universal Adapter ACCEPTS major brands of infant car seats.

9.Multiple position reclining seat.

10.Extra large pouch, great for holding books and magazines.

11.Seat cushion features cooling air mesh ventilation.

12.All materials are BPA-Free, PVC-Free, phthalate-Free.

13.Basic weight 18 lbs.

14.Suitable for infants and children up to 50 lbs.