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abnormal uterine bleeding!

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I am experiencing heavy mid cycle bleeding. I have read up on a few things that it may be and am seeing the dr. today. I really do not want to have a d and c or go on hormone therapy. Can anyone suggest what their experiences with this have been and alternatives to stopping it? The bleeding started as spotting about 1 week after my last period and has progressed into heavy clumpy bleeding. I am extremely weak and not feeling well as a result. Has anyone experienced this? I remember my mother experienced this in her late forties and it was the result of fibroids. She had a d and c to stop the bleeding. Any suggestions please! I read in C. Northup's book that applying castor oil packs on the abdomen may help. Please let me know your experiences with this!
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This woman had something similar and used cod liver oil and vitex
I've had a uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, and other hormonal problems. In fact, I think they came about following Dr. Northup's dietary advice in Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, especially the advice to eat lots of soy. I went from having moderate hormonal issues to extreme ones. The castor oil packs helped a little, but not much.

However, following the dietary recommendations of the Weston Price Foundation eliminated my hormonal issues. If you go to the article newcastlemama posted, you can navigate to other ones about diet by clicking on the links above the article. I highly recommend "Wise Choices, Healthy Bodies: Diet for the Prevention of Women's Diseases."
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