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? about bizzy b hive cover

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(i mentioned in another post) that i washed a bizzy b hive wool cover- red one. it didn't bleed on any of the covers it was with (i actually was hoping it might bleed on the aristocrat for some color!) anyway - i used it on ds over a prefold. when i went to change him, the color ran on the prefold where he had wet?

any idea why or how i can fix this now? i really like the cover!!
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the color was still on the cpf after you washed it? cause that happens sometime with our koolaid dyed 'crat, but it always washes out.

sorry, that wasn't really any help, was it???
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I have a Patchwork Pixie wool cover that will bleed onto diapers if the diaper gets too wet. But the dye always washes off the diaper and has never stained.
no - it did wash out of the cpf. i'm afraid it won't was out of a more expensive dipe!

is it temporary you think?
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I had a wool cover that did this too. it always washed out though. For the cover to get it to stop bleeding I did a wash in vinager and synthropol (i know I butchered that) and that really helped a lot.
You could try a vinegar soak to help set the dye. Every red wool cover I have ever had has done that but it does lessen with use.
I have the same problem with a red bbh cover too. I have tried vinegar once already & am going to do it again. It usually rinses out of my prefolds, but I just don't like that it bleeds so much! I hope it works this time.

No help just sympathy.
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I have had good luck stopping bleeding wool covers (though the dye WILL wash out of even expensive diapers, I promise you) by using a vinegar and salt soak.

Use 1/8 cup salt (I used sea salt, though any kind is fine) and 1/4 cup vinegar in very warm water (not hot enough to shrink your wool, although the BBH cover will not shrink much, so pretty hot water is okay). Use only enough water to be able to cover the cover, and mix it with the salt and vinegar (make sure salt dissolves), add cover, swish around, let soak overnight.

In the morning (or afternoon as it was for me), rinse the cover in very warm water until you see the water run clear. Then wash in Eucalan and lanolize, let dry.

I didn't use salt last time...I'll try it this time!! Thanks!!
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I have a red BBH wool cover that bleeds too. But mine does bleed when I wash it though. I haven't tried a vinegar wash, can I do this by hand? Will it make it smell?
I think I read that you have a son? I have it on good wool guru authority that the commercially dyed red wool will bleed after it comes into contact with boy pee. has something to do with the chemical reaction. I have had this happen in my personal experience as well, but only with red wool. Not the blue, brown etc.

seriously - only with boy pee? i'd love to hear from other mammas of girls to see what they say!!
diaper chemist says. Never had a commercially dyed red wool cover with my dd so? Anyway, if you give a good hot vinegar soak it should stop it for a while.

is all the same pee. I really don't see how the sex of the baby determines if a cover will bleed or am I not getting it??? I had a red cover I sold someone once that had a girl and her cover bled too....
I don't know about pee LOL but I do know that commercially dyed red wool tends to bleed alot. It really isn't a problem since it's always washed out of my diapers, but did concern me at first.
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