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? about cervical healing

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I had a LEEP procedure done in Feb. that didn't heal well. (for those who don't know, LEEP treats pre-cancerous cells on the cervix by cauterizing at the same time it removes the tissue).
normal healing progression would be slight spotting for the first 3-5 days, instead I had spotting (and sometimes slightly more than spotting, like a light period) on and off for about two months. I know it wasn't my "real" period. no signs of infection, no pain, so I didn't go back to the doc b/c I knew they'd want to look at the cervix which would have only further irritated it and could have just made things worse.

so now the bleeding is finally completely gone, for about a week now, and I'm wondering when DH and I can resume...ahem...activities?

I know the normal time frame given for leep patients is 4-6 wks, sort of like after childbirth, but do I still have to wait that long again? definitely don't want to risk infection or anything. wwyd?
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I'd say give it a try, but be very careful and aware of any discomfort, and just keep an eye on how you feel afterward, and look for any wierd discharge or bleeding. If it doesn't feel right, or if you're really worried, could you call your dr, or perhaps a midwife and just get an opinion?
I have a formula for homemade vaginal suppositories that I used and that I make for other women to encourage healing and cell regeneration after LEEPs, biopsies, etc. You can PM me if you want the recipe, if you're into making herbal home remedies.
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