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About covers...

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OK- so I might recieve some sort of demerit for this

A girfriend of mine works at a resale shop(she does not cd) and grabbed a Dappi diaper cover for me- and as much as my "inner hyena wanna be" hates to admit it- I kinda like it!!!

I mean no way any poopies are escaping outta that thing! It has leg gussets and all! Now this is NOT a diaper cover I would use to show off by any means, but it is a great cover for those rare moments when I actually want to use a prefold and she hasn't pooped yet- you know- when I am not going to risk sacrificing the Kiwi Pie! :LOL

Just thought I'd share- the boards have been kind of slow... Just let me know if I need to add this to my siggy now ---->
: Becki
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I've never used them, but I've only heard good things about them, so I wouldn't feel
: if I were you
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I have used or resold diapers and covers I found for cheap at resale shops all the time... nothing to be embarrassed about, just looking for a deal! Besides, I love finding cds in real life!
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I hated them. The velcro rubbed DDs legs raw! Atleast they work for you!
Don't feel bad. A friend of mine gave me a few smalls when we were first starting off with ds, and I liked them for the same reason - easy to use, and totally bomb-proof. Both ds and dd would save up their newborn poops for days, and then watch out! I didn't build up my wool stash until dd was older, 4-5 months, but I'd never risk my beloved wool on newborn poop!
Don't feel bad. I really like the nylon pull ups I got from Babies R Us (Especially for Baby). I think I'd get booed off of this board for that too
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Oh I LOVE Dappi's! They work wonderfully, are cheap and thin under clothes. Never a leak w/ those!
That was my system w/ Parker... Firefly under a Dappi
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Good that it works for you, I've never tried them but now I know that it doesn't HAVE to be expensive to be quality.
Next to my ME air flows my dappi velcro cloth covers are my most reliable covers and there soo cute IMHO.

very cute, cheap, and so soft
I love our Dappi Nylon pants btw
I have kept those even though they barely fit ds over fitteds now:LOL
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Never tried them, but wouldn't pass it buy if it were a deal. I'm always looking for the BBD

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My bummis are my bomb proof covers... I never have leaks with them! Hey if it works it works!

these were my starter covers and I just loved the way they fit my 2-4 mo dd. Nice gentle elastic and great poo catchers, I aslo loved that nice big tummy aplix pannel.

I did have problems with wetness migrating from the binding to the outer pannel though.
I loved the cheap dappi covers for the newborn period. Dont like them much for older babies, but I had about 6 of them for my newborn. They work great!
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