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? about diet before a 3hr GTT

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is there anything you can eat leading up to the 3hr GTT that will give you better results?

My 1hr came back "high" but they didn't give me a number. so they want me to take the 3hr now. i know most women who fail the 1hr will pass the 3hr, but i'm still worried about failing it. I don't want to worry about this!!!

they also said my iron was low, and wrote me a script for iron and folic acid. (but they don't know i haven't been taking my prenatals...they make me vomit.)

So what can i do to improve my results?
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I just found the thread where Jenny gave me suggestions on what would be good to eat. I posted it in our nov/dec thread.
My iron is still low too and I just got a new script for iron too.
Good luck!!!!
Interesting stuff there Hilary.

If you don't take vitamin C, you are wasting your time, since the body only absorbs those two vitamins properly in the presence of Vitamin C. If you don't take it, your body absorbs one-sixth of what it does when you take vitamin C.
My midwife did tell me to take vit c but didn't say why and I hadn't been taking it with the iron pill. I was taking the pre natal and vit c in the morning, then one iron pill in the afternoon and one in the evening.
Maybe I should take 2 vit c tablets, one with each iron pill at each different time?

That sort of huge glucose dose bombs in the immune system for several hours, so you become susceptible to infection.
Maybe thats why I got sick soon after I took the 2 1 hour tests 2 days in a row?
Christy, i'm not trying to be a thread stealer but i'm just amazed at what i'm reading. You'd think a dr/mw would tell you things like this.
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I had the same problem with the pre-natal and have had a hard time finding one I could handle, especially important as I am expecting twins. I found Rainbow Light makes a very good food based one a day pre-natal and also got their one for morning sickness too and it helps. It also has red raspberry in it too, as well as a little ginger and B vitamins. Anyhow just a suggestion and it worked for me, and is good after food as it also has digestive enzymes in it.

Good Luck
Wickida~i bet that IS why you got sick! wow! there's so much they dont' tell you. I'm going in on Monday at 7am, and all the lady told me was to fast after midnight the night before....not to avoid anything. When should I stop eating? should i stop at midnight, or should i stop earlier than that? ~OR~ should i eat a high-protein snack right before bedtime? i'm so confused

well, when i get my scripts filled, i'm gonna also pick up some vitamin c tabs. they wrote me a script a couple months ago for chewable pre-nantals, but they are worse than the huge ones you swallow. I think i'm gonna get some flintstones vitamins and take 2 at a time...the MW said i could do that if those pre-natals didn't work for me.

Thanks for the advice!

ps~~how long will it take for the iron/folic acid/vitamin c to get into your system? I'm going to start taking them tonight, but i want it to be well established in my system by monday.
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i failed the one hour and was told to carb load for a few days before the test.
i follwed the gd diet for 2 weeks, then loaded up on complex carbs two days before the test. passed with flying colors
When should I stop eating? should i stop at midnight, or should i stop earlier than that?
They told me midnight too but a nurse also said 8 hrs to me when I was talking to her about what time I would be in. so I would stop by 11pm if I were going in at 7am.
The advice given to me by my midwife prior to the 1 hour was low carb/high protein starting the night before. My test was around 11am so I had some eggs for breakfast (unfortunately that was one of the last mornings I lost my breakfast so I was pretty hungry before the test).

Also, it was advised to me to eat a high protein lunch after to even out your sugar rush

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Good luck on your test. try to bring someone with you and a really good snack to eat right after. All that sugar made me pretty out of it. Have you tried the Rainbow light 6 a day? I can tolarate it better than anything. I usually start out taking 2 in the first trimester and end up at 6 by the end. Also for iron...try floradix and don't forget to cook in a cast-iron pan especially tomato sauce which is a good combo of vitamin c.
Hi there


In this country, homebirth midwives would simply work through your diet with you, and tell you to forget the GTT test. Or loan you a home blood sugar kit and ask you to monitor 3 x a day. I found out what I know, from midwives here....
Hilary I think that makes a lot of sense. I am supposed to have the 1 hour test next week but I just do not want to subject my body to that amount of glucose (and goodness knows whatever junk they put in it). I can understand it if someone is eating lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates, but I am not and am eating as healthy as I would be if I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My body has rejected junk and sugar since the start of my pregnancy and I am not sure I want to take a massive amount of glucose just to prove what might happen if I was to do this. My midwife will actually let me use the glucometer at home for 3 days and I think I might go for that and see where I am actually at, rather than where I might be at if I was overloading my body with sugar. My first midwife, who was very helpful on diet gave me a lot of good advice about diet and have been sticking to that. She wont deliver twins at home though
anyhow what you said made a lot of sense, and I think I am going to skip the test, and continue what I am doing! I have had a bad feeling about it for a while, and worried it would make me sick. I have been doing all I can to support my immune system with diet, homeopathic remedies and supplements, and really do not want to undermine that now just to keep the midwife happy, which I feel I was trying to do. This is just the 1 hour test and it is not even very accurate I definitely do not want the 3 hour test after that in any case.

Anyhow thanks for your insights.

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i had a lot longer post, but my connection timed out

this is what i'm taking, one big dose before bedtime:

one tablet: iron, 65 mg (as Ferrous Sulfate 325 mg)
one tablet: folic acid, 1 mg Watson (?)
one tablet: natural Vitamin C (w/ rose hips), 500 mg

so i need to up my vitC by 6 doses a day and then the night before the test, i need to take 5 folic acid pills? should i also take extra iron the night before, too?

i'm going to eat a bowl of chili the night before too, cooked in my iron skillet. i make it with lots of tomatoes and beans, so that should help the vitC/folic acid combo, too.

Thanks so much for all of your help.
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Dear Hilary,

I realize that and agree totally, was just joking, I really have not have any cravings and think this is because I have been eating what my body needs, but I do agree sometimes the body knows best! I am glad my body has been asking for healthy stuff and rejecting junk though! But if I do get cravings will honor them and also look at what I may be lacking!

But mmmm chocolate is good!

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my computer has been f*ed up for several days, as well as DP's computer, (long story) i haven't been able to read and catch up on everyone yet, I'm sorry.

i DO NOT have diabetes!
my fasting # was 72, my 1hr was 140, then my 3hr was 40!!!! i crashed at the end. they thought they might have to keep me at the hospital until my sugar came back up. I broke into a cold sweat and I almost fainted. the wonderful nurse got me a coke and stayed with me til i felt able to drive to get a burger. ugh! that's the worst i've ever felt! M/S was nothing compared to that! the mw didn't have my new iron levels, though. but she'll call me when she gets the paper work.

thanks to everyone for the advice and understanding.
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