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? about Fern and Faerie free pattern

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I am using this:

I am making the flat soaker and have come upon the following issue...

*K2, ssk, knit across to the last 4 st, k2tog, k2. Turn work.
P across, turn.
After working 4 (4, 4, 6, 6, 10) rows, k across, turn, p across.*

Now, after reading this I counted the knit as 1 row, the purl as 2 rows, the knit as 3 rows and the purl as 4 rows, then I would do the straight knit across and purl back, then do it all over again.

My soaker came out far too long, and after frogging, I am starting it again. My assumption is the when making stockinette, that both the knit across and purl back across together count as a "row", and therefore I should have actually done what would have appeared to me as "8" rows inbetween each straight knit row and it's following purl?

Please help!
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i never count them together. if you knit across- that's one row. when you k or purl back, that's another row.

OK, thanks! Perhaps I just lost count of rows and added more rows without knowing it, though that sort of thing isn't usually an issue with me at all. I will keep a note this time.
Again, thank you!
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