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About 2 weeks ago I soured a jar of raw cream for butter. Had to much to fit in my processor so I put the extra soured cream in the fridge. Took it out to today to try to make more butter with it. There were solids/curds floating in it. Dumped it all in the processor and started. It's been going a while and I'm not getting any seperation. Last time I could see the butter and the buttermilk. This time all I have is really thick cream.<br><br>
Is it because it has sat for 2 weeks? If I keep processing super long will I finally get butter? IF not, what can I do with what I have? Is it sour cream? I don't eat sour cream so I don't know what it tastes like plain, but certainly there's something I can make with this?<br><br>
Don't want to waste it.<br><br>
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