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?? about no-cry sleep solution

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Can anyone who has read or followed this book tell me if it is appropriate to follow for toddlers? Or is it just geared to younger babies.
I need to do someting else to help my 25 month old sleep.
I don't have a problem with her sleeping in our bed, but she moves and kicks a lot and dh can't do it... we also have our 2 month old in bed with us from about 3 am on and there isn't much room for all four of us.
FOr the past year almost she has fallen asleep with us and then we carry her to her own bed, she wakes up briefly and then goes back to sleep... but lately it is taking her longer and longer to go bacl to sleep... or go to sleep at all. And she has started waking at 4 am and needing to sleep next to someone.

Dh complains about this a lot, but I am the one who ends up sleep I was thinking about buying the book THe NO Cry Sleep Solution.

Can you share your experinces or tell me it isn't worth it?

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i read it and I think that it is a good system but there are different ages that it works for.

My son is in the stage where he demands immediate satisfaction. I think when he gets older the NCSS will work because he will understand what is happening. I think if you use it as a baby thing they are also easier to "convince".

I'd say if your child is old enough or at an age where they listen then try it! If it doesn't work it doesn't work
I wanted ds to be at a stage where I could talk to him about sleeping. But I think he might be getting it without help!

We have a little one due in January and nighttime scares me to death!!
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