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? about protection from mattress

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I'm saving to buy an organic mattress, but until then is there anything I can do to protect my family from the toxins in the mattress we sleep on??

And also, does anyone have any recommendations on a good, but not outrageously expensive organic mattress??

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I don't have any advice about your current mattress, but I have collected many links for organic mattresses. If you tell me what your price range is I will post all the links I have for mettresses in that range.
We bought our crib mattress from Dax Stores -- they have free shipping and it was the best price on the web for cotton/wool org crib mattress, so I'd assume their prices on adult-sizes would be comparable?

The crib mattress is gorgeous and very well made. I highly recommend.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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