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Absorbency of hemp fleece?

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I recently purchased some hemp fleece inserts (11x14" trifolds) for my pockets, thinking they would be great for when I needed extra absorbency.

So far, I've been really disappointed. Dd can't make it 2hrs without the insert being completely drenched. (I can always get 2 1/2 hrs out of a CB insert without worrying, usually 3hrs isn't a problem)

They've been washed about 8 times in REALLY HOT water with Charlies Soap and dried in between after the first few washes.

I checked the absorbency and it only held 10oz
(Soaked one in 24oz. water in a dish tub, hung it over the tub to catch the extra water for about 10min, 14oz left in tub)

I was expecting the hemp to hold at least as much as a CB microfiber (15oz)
I figured 4 layers of hemp fleece (folded in half would be 5.5x14", almost the same size as a CB) would be more absorbent than 3 layers of microfiber.

Is this all I should expect? Do they still need more washes to reach full absorbency?

What do you think?
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I would guess the hemp will continue to become more absorbant over time. But IMO, the major advantage of hemp compared to microfiber is that the hemp is less subject compression leaking. Try your absorbancy test this way:

Saturate a hemp insert and a CB micro insert. Put a 20lb weight (books in a plastic bag would work) on each. Remove weight. Re-weigh insert. This should approximate how much the insert will hold after baby compression. I would guess that the hemp will do better in this test....

FWIW, my favorite insert is a small micro insert (or micro towel) toward the baby and a hemp doubler/insert away from the baby. In my Swaddlebees, I use a SB micro insert and a folded up Babykicks duz-it-all. The micro absorbs quickly and the hemp prevents compression wicking. Overnight, we use a CB micro insert and hemp fleece flat similar to the one you described, stuffed in a HH.
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