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absorption experts - help me get rid of my microfiber inserts please

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OK, so I'm tired of the STINK from my microfiber inserts. I have a few pocket diapers and want to continue using them, but the microfiber inserts are just not cutting it. I hate the ammonia smell, and don't want to hassle with the bleaching and boiling and such when I have tons of prefolds I could be using instead.

Can someone tell me what I would replace a microfiber insert with in order to get the same absorption? Two prefolds? One prefold and a hemp doubler?

Right now, I'm using the insert that comes with the BumGenius OS. Sometimes I also add the doubler at night. Sometimes I use the two doublers in the small HHs that I have for daytime use.

I have GMD prefolds and infant prefolds to replace them with. I also have one Hemp Babies insert, and I'm looking to get more hemp inserts.

What's the "exchange rate"?

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oooh I'm all ears on this one too! I've been considering trying some prefolds instead of inserts as well. (it would probably cut down the drying time too....)
I have no ideas but I'll be keeping an eye on this too!!! I want to get rid of our MF inserts...
I would use hemp, personally. In terms of exactly how much hemp you will need, I would try to approximately match the size and thickness of your microfiber insert (the hemp will be heavier than the microfiber, though).

You could get custom hemp inserts made in the same dimensions as your BG microfiber inserts.
I have some hemp... but I always heard that it absorbed slower then microfiber.. is that true? If I use one MF insert during the day and a MF and a hemp at night would I just use one hemp during the day and 2 at night?
It does absorb slower. But everything absorbs slower than microfiber.

I use almost all hemp and I have never had an issue with absorption rates. I think that would only be an issue if the diaper gaped at the legs a little and you really needed the insert to grab all the pee before it ran out the leg.

Also, when it is fully prepped (5+ washes) it behaved a lot differently than when you first use it.

You can PM me if you want my suggestions on who to buy hemp from.
Wrap a hemp insert in an infant prefold. The cotton absorbs quickly, and then it soaks down to the slower-absorbing hemp. You can also fold a premium prefold in thirds, the short way, to get an insert that will fit nicely in most pocket diapers. I'm not a big hemp fan; ours always seems to hang onto odor in a way that cotton doesn't.
So, if one wanted to use prefolds in a pocket as a stuffer what size prefolds would you want? Infant for smalls, premium for medium and large?
I usually use infant prefolds in my pocket diapers, and just use two for a larger size diaper. You don't really need absorbency all the way up in the back. You can also use a premium prefold in mediums and larges; if it doesn't fit, just fold it the short way in thirds.
I don't like hemp stink (I was constantly boiling it), so I use all bamboo. I have greenhorn all bamboo inserts, and don't use anything else.
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I like Hemp.
not only because of the absorbency but because it is a very responsible fiber to choose, the oils in the hemp are healing for the skin and the harvesting practices and requirements are very minimal and make hemp a superior choice over bamboo.
I have equal amount of both in house for production but I usually choose hemp for diapers.
I LOVE hemp-velour. But for inserts fleece or french terry would be my choice.

Both the hemp and the bamboo get stiffer after a while though, that is were cotton comes in. Cotton always just seems to stay soft.
I agree that hemp would be a great option. I have several hemp and microfiber inserts. DD sleeps in prefold and 2 inserts each night. I usually grab whatever happens to be on top of the stack (2 hemp, 2 microfiber, or 1 of each). She almost never has a leak. I can only assume that there is no difference betwen the two (in terms of absorbancy). New hemp inserts need to be pretreated, like prefolds, in order to remove natural oils and residues.
Have you tried swtiching your detergent? My diapers used to stink, but once I switched detergent, they no longer stink.
We were using biokleen detergent, which I knew could cause a problem eventually. I just tried using 7th generation bleach to strip the diapers, and did a wash in Tide (the holistic mamma in me is cringing, but I can't take the stink anymore!).

I was hopeful that those steps would help my inserts... but the ones that my son wore last night smell terrible (ammonia). So, I'm not sure what to do now.


When you use hemp inserts and prefolds... what "order" do you layer then in the pocket dipes? And when you use them under wool, do you simply place the inserts on top of the prefold?
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