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Abstinence Campaign 2004

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I thought it was seriuosly devoted to abstinence and was about to hurl, then I saw that funny lil bumper sticker, too cute! Too bad I don't have the ba!!s to put it on my car.
Check out the links on this site, very nice!

Link to a breakdown of the Bush tax cuts over the next 10 years:

Link to the National Education Association's analysis of Bush's "No Child Left Behind" policy:

Lewis H. Lapham's (editor of the American monthly, Harper's magazine) observations on the Bush healthcare policy and much more:
I've been talking about that shirt for a week! I want one sooooo BAD!!!
i'll be wearing my new tee to Pride festivities this year
thanks for the link!!!!!!!
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the bumper sticker. Do you think my car would get egged? We live in the bible butt crack.....
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Has anybody ordered from this site yet?? I am all over these shirts...
yeah, i ordered as soon as i saw the shirt. i was wondering what i was gonna wear for Gay Pride--that is absolutely PERFECT
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Abstinence Campaign 2004 ~ No Bush, No Dick

I'd love to use that as my sigline. I'm not sure how it would go over with the PTB though.
Oh that is a good one, flipping hilarious!!!!

But I live in tx, I'm pretty sure something will happen to my car if I stick one of those on it. Although I have seen 2 cars with anti-bush bumper stickers on them- one was covered! So I know I'm not alone in my thoughts here.
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Originally Posted by Levi's Mom
Too bad I don't have the ba!!s to put it on my car.

I do! I do! ordered mine yesterday - I'll be ballsy enough for the both of us
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I just ordered two t-shirts, I can't wait to wear mine!
I'm soooo jealous.

(Searching through couch for $$$)
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