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accidental CIO?

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i have a stomach virus. i can't keep anything down at all. it's pobably nerves... but that's not the point...

i have never ever let Joshua (or Jordana, for that matter) CIO. However, today I had no one here and I had to throw up. I mean, I REALLY had to throw up. So, he was screaming, I was holding my mouth shut so nothing would *fly*, and finally i just put him in his bassinet (that he had never even been in before!) and ran for the bathroom.

I puked. He cried. I rushed. He cried. I brushed my teeth. He cried. I ran.

And.... When I got back to him... He was SLEEPING?!?!?!

I feel so guilty. I have this wierd feeling that he'll never trust me again.

How do you explain to a 4 month old that mommy is sick?

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You poor thing, sucks to be sick and try to take care of baby. I have been real sick 2x since dd was born. I was lucky enough to have FIL come help me out a little. I'm sure some extra hugs and cuddling will help
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We also had an accidental CIO a few months ago. Dh forgot to turn the babymonitor on and who knows how long dd was crying before I woke up, realized the monitor wasn't on, turned it on, and heard her poor wimpering cry. She doesn't seem to be any worse for the wear, but maybe that's only because it was one time. I was sure to give her some extra loving that morning and during the day. We also coslept for that day's naps. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
Babies sense the love, or lack thereof, that they receive on an ongoing, day after day after day basis. That's what they respond to. One day does not make or break the relationship. We can't always live up to our inner ideal version of the type of parents (or spouses, friends, etc) that we want to be. I think maintaining that ideal as a goal, while accepting that we will inevitably fall short, is one of the lessons that parenthood forces on us, or at least on me (okay, I'm working on it, but someday I think I'll get there).

Take care of yourself. Wishing you the best in getting back to good health quickly.
I hope you feel better! I'm sure your DS will trust you b/c you're a good mama and CIO is not what he is used to. I do not let my DS CIO, but if I were in the same situation I would choose to put him down and go to the restroom to get sick.
one time isn't going to break him, especially when things go back to normal and he gets the reassurance of your normal routine back. he's going to learn over time that sometimes mama can't get him exactly what he wants, when he wants it because different things come up. but what he will also learn is that you are aware of his needs, you acknowledge their validity, and you do your best to meet them under the circumstances.

hope you are feeling better!
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its happened to me to, ds was in his bassinet and i was in the shower, i had the monitor, but the battery died, so when i got out i heard him crying hystericly, I felt so bad for him, but hes no worse for the wear......he knows I'm there for him still.

Originally Posted by TanyaLopez
Babies sense the love, or lack thereof, that they receive on an ongoing, day after day after day basis. That's what they respond to. One day does not make or break the relationship.

I also wanted to add that if you're vomiting a lot, you might want to get your gallbladder checked. Gallstones are very common postpartum. I just had my gallbladder removed last week and am already welcoming the end of all that nausea, rumbly-tummy, etc.! Good luck and feel better soon.

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you don't. you need to do what you need to do and that's all there is to it. don't be upset that you were sick!! You baby is harm done. Take care of yourself! I hope you get better soon!
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