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Hello everyone,
We went for our first ultrasound yesterday (at 18 1/2 weeks) and told the technician that we didn't want to know the sex. He assured us that we would not be able to tell. Dh though was pretty sure he was catching glimpses of a penis and then later when we got the photos there were three crotch shots! Now, it was difficult to tell, but most of the people we showed them to were like "Oh, so your having a boy!"
I'm actually not upset at knowing though now we need to decide whether we should ask our midwife to confirm it, or continue along being 85% sure. Either way we're happy everything looked normal, that it's healthy and that it's actually there (since I still haven't felt movement!).
Anyone else experience this problem while getting an ultrasound? This is our first and it's all been new to us.
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