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Dear all,

We have always tried to respond to my toddler's (2.5 year old) needs. We didn't do any form of sleep training and fortunately, after 2 long years, he started sleeping through most nights.

Tonight the baby monitor failed and I woke to hear him crying. We are two doors away but you can't hear very much between the rooms. By the time I got to him he was hysterical.

I have apologised, explained what happened and he is now asleep again. I don't know how much he understood of what I said, I'll explain again in the morning.

I feel so awful. He said he cried for a long time and he couldn't find his comforter either. He looked so frightened.

I have no idea how long he cried for but I think it must have been a while as he usually calls for us without crying if he wakes in the night. He must have been calling for a while to be so upset.

Something similar happened about a year ago when I forgot to turn the baby monitor on.

I know I didn't leave him to "cry it out"and that it's only happened twice, but, I can't help wondering if I've done him any long term harm.

What you do think? Have I harmed him?

Thank you for reading
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