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According to Jim

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Did anyone happen to catch the plug on 'According to Jim' last night? Cheryl (the main female character) had discussed a problem that her sister (Dana) was having with their mother. She said something along the lines of "I did it to change the subject of XXX (her son) being uncircumcised. Then she called her mother back and at the end of the conversation said "he's too old now mother. Well, that was your generation" or something to that effect. It's the first time I had ever seen it on prime time!
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Awesome! The NBC show "Scrubs" has had some anti-circ comments.
Here's a copy of an email I sent to ABC:

[email protected]


Just wanted to send a huge "THANK YOU!" to the writers of this show for addressing the topic of intact (or uncircumcised) boys on a recent show in a positive manner.

Our country is the only one in the world that routinely practices non-religious circumcision and it's time that this stops. The foreskin of males is a natural, normal body part just like any other we are born with. The cutting of girls, religious or not, is a federal felony, yet the cutting of male genitals is still revered by many in the US.

More and more in the US, people are realizing the truth about circumcision: It is a non-medically indicated, painful surgery, done for specious reasons. There are no substantiated medical benefits to having it done nor are there any medical organizations in the world who recommend it. National rates for intact-circumcision are nearing 50-50 in our country.

Thanks again for your contribution in this manner and keep up the good work. "Intactivists" like myself surely appreciate it.


Pamela XXXXXX, RN"
Just say NO to infant male circumcision!

Find out why at:

By the way, the siggy line is my email is permanent and is sent out with every email I write. On my email it is written in large, vibrant red and blue letters that boldly stands out. The URL is clickable. If anyone uses Thunderbird email and would like to know how to do this for themselves, send me a PM and I will give instructions.
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