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According to Jim

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I don't watch this show very often, but they had bfing on tonight. The sister ( I think) of Courtney Thorne Smith's character is staying with them and has a new baby. She was bfing - it was great!!!!!
Of course Jim Belushi's character was all grossed out, and his wife said "Jim, it is perfectly natural."
Is it starting to become more mainstream or do the sitcoms just like it so they can make jokes about it?
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Both, and this is good IMO.
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NAK - I just came on to say something about this, LOL.... I think it was awesome they had it on.. What made me happy was that she still kept BFing, it had no effect on her when they would say something about it. What they said was all in good humor and never tried to make her feel like she should quit or feel bad, just making innocent "sister boob" jokes... My dad does the same thing but if I actually stopped BFing her in front of him, he would yell at me "Feed that baby, she's hungry!!!"
I think there are more BFing references on TV than there used to be. Just recently, I've seen references on the Office (pumping), Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, and Gray's Anatomy.
If you watch Roseanne, there's QUITE a few nursing references in that, too.

I remember the one episode where her and Jackie drove somewhere, were coming back and ran a jerk-trucker off the road. They were stopped at a rest area, and Roseanne was nursing little Jerry, when the cops rolled up. He asked to see ID or something, and she nonchalantly said "Sure, just wait until I switch sides"...

Or Jackie, nursing Andy during her wedding ceremony.

I heart Roseanne.
I wonder if that was Kimberely Williams Paisley's real child that she was nursing. She's bound to have had her baby by now!

If you watch reruns of it Cheryl nursed the baby boy and they also wore him some even Jim.
She did have her baby a couple of weeks ago. I haven't seen that episode yet (have it recorded), but there have been other episodes where bfing was talked about. Once it was in a joking way where the grandma was talking about how Andy wouldn't nurse unless she rubbed peanut butter on her nipple! Another one I remember was when Kyle was little and Jim was pretend arm wrestling him. Kyle "wins" and Jim says something about how it must be from breastfeeding! Woo hoo. I've also seen Jim carry Kyle in a sling on that show. I love According to Jim. It's my "weekly dose of funny."
when this show first came on there were bf refrences. the mom of the mom said she had to smear peanutbutter on her nips to get the son to nurse. i have alwayse loved this show. Last night was great.
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