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accupuncture and cranial sacral therapy for positioning

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Hi - I've been lurking for months and learning a lot, but have only just begun posting. My question is this - does anyone have experience and/or any good websites about cranial sacral and accupuncture therapy? My midwife refered me because at 34 weeks (about a week ago) the baby was transverse. I've been doing the breech tilt and playing music & shining a flashlight down low, and I think the baby has been head down for the last few days, based on where I feel hiccups and big (legs, I think) movements. I spoke with the therapist tonight and she highly recommended I come in Monday, but can't b/c no babysitter. I'd have to wait until she had an evening opening, which would put me at almost 38 weeks - she sounded concerned about waiting that long, but wanted me to come if that's the only time I could.

If the baby is already head down and staying that way, is there any great benefit to doing a session (or any harm?) Part of my hesitation is the cost, but am willing to go for it if it could help avoid medical intervention. BTW, this is #3, planning a homebirth, first two were at a birth center. Thanks!
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