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achiness and pain in cervix area..?!

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im not sure if its my cervix or just up in there somewhere, but today its been achy and sore and if i move in certain ways i get these kind of stabbing pains.. i sort of remember this with my first pregnancy, but i dont remember when it was..

im 17 weeks tomorow.. is this normal stretching achiness? or should i be concerned? i havnt had an ultrasound or used the doppler, but i do feel baby moving once in a while, not very often yet..

i guess i just need to know if this is normal or if it may indicate something else.. i dont have any cramping or spotting just these weird internal pains
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It could be the baby laying close to your cervix and making you twinge a little. Or, it could be the pressure from your enlarged uterus. Make sure you're kegeling or doing pelvic floor exercises. This made a huge difference for me.

If you want the little one to move, you could try hands and knees.

FWIW, I have had the same things going on this pregnancy, and as I check my own cervix, I know that nothing is changing.

Good luck!
I had this with my first pregnancy and with this one. I used to get horrible sharp pains in my cervix and sometimes a dull ache. I'm now 34 weeks and my first pregnancy is now a 3.5 year old, LOL.
i did some kegels last night in bed and the ache has gone away and my uterus has comeabove my belly button and it was below before i went to bed, so i dunno! maybe baby was doing some major growing. thanks!
Both of my children have had this lovely habit of grinding their heads into my cervix while I was/am pregnant with them. Fun fun fun. It doesn't feel good, but if that's what's happening, it's not something to worry about.

I hope you get a break from that feeling for a little while!
I get wierdo ovary pains... but not cervix. It is probably nothing... BUT, just to be safe, I want to mention pap-smears.

How long has it been since you had a pap-smear? I hope within the last year. Sometimes pregnancy can irritate cervical tissue and if you have ever had an "abnormal" pap now may be a good time to have one, because once you have had an abnormal pap, you are at risk of having them again, and pregnancy increases those odds. While most abnormal paps are still OK, they can place you at risk if left untreated for cervical cancer.

I have had an abnormal pap-smear in the past. I was one of those women who ended up with cervical dysplasia and had to have a biopsy done. If it can happen to me it can happen to you.
I have this almost constantly when I'm standing. I just figure, since this is my third, my uterus is tired of holding up so much weight and a lot of the weight is pressing downward.
I would still mention it to my health care provider! Cervical pain can also be a signal of premature separation of the placenta, incomplete/incompetent cervix, or a issue with the health of your cervix itself (inflamed cervix, growths, etc) or the cervix could actually be dialating.
Yeah. I'm not that worried and I don't think you should be either. No spotting, no cramping, nothing else weird. If any of that changes, then sure, call your midwife.
i also feel that since its so irregular its nothing to worry about. it was one day and since i havnt felt it but the baby had a huge growth spurt.. it must be correlated.
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