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Achy legs/like growing pains?

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Don't know what to do the last 3 nights on and off my legs are achy like tooth aches or growing pains, I never take pain killers, but I felt like taking some last night. Not getting any sleep. Why is this. I remember feeling like this in my 9th month, but I'm only 30 weeks.
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Sounds like Restless Legs to me. I have them, have had them since I was a kid, along with PMLD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder--which means I am very very kicky in bed--doesn't bother me so much, but I feel bad for my husband). Apparently, the condition is common in pregnancy, too. I've kind of grown to live with it--maybe some others might suggest their coping mechanisms? I hear hot packs, cold packs, light exercise, etc. I think that acupuncture would probably help, but I haven't investigated it.
I get achy pains in my calves at night sometimes. Usually taking a warm bath helps the pain.
Yeah, sound slike restless leg syndrom to me too. There is a thread on here about it somewhere already, there are some good suggestions. I have had it the last two nights, and I know for me it is because I am over tired, and exerting myself too much. I think different people have different reasons for getting it.
Makes sense, I had terrible growing pains in my legs as a kid. I guess it comes back when pregnant. Warmth ususally works for me. Plus it doesn't help that I am on my feet all day and don't sit down until 9pm. thanks ladies!
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